Computer Management Console

Windows has a lot of features that are hidden.  The search function from your start menu in Windows is very powerful when it comes to finding just about anything!  Computer Management Console is a one stop shop for Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, Shared Folders, Local Users and Groups, Performance, Device Manager, Disk Management and  Services.

Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) is basically a Windows automation tool.  Most of its actions will be defined when you check a box within an app that simply says “Auto-Update”.  It will then create a task in Task Scheduler.  You can still add your own tasks or disable others.

Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) is your Windows Log viewer. Its is extremely useful for error diagnostics.

Shared Folders allows you to manage any locally created on your computer.

Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr.msc) is one my favorite functions of the Computer Management Console. You can create new accounts, change passwords, disable accounts, lock out accounts, create and assign groups. Groups can be set up to control privilege levels for accounts.

Performance Monitor (perfmon.msc) gives you access to more detailed and real-time hardware resource information that what you get from task manager.

Disk Manager (diskmgmt.msc) is useful for creating, deleting, and partitioning storage devices.  You can also create and manage software raid storage here.

Services (services.msc) allows you to manage parts of the operating system and programs. You can disable or set services to startup with windows automatically, manually or delayed.