Windows 10 Wrong Location

I recently discovered that all the Microsoft branded apps that came with my brand new surface had incorrect location data.  I first noticed it on my lock screen – it had Virginia Beach, VA weather information! I used to live there but currently I do not.  So after numerous google searches I found my self right back where I started with the same incorrect weather information.

I found the the first part of my solution on Microsoft’s account management page.

Sign into your Microsoft account and scroll down to the privacy section and click on “Activity History“.  Sign in again for the security Prompt and once your in select “Locations” under Filter by data type tree.  From here you can either delete individual locations or clear all locations for your account by clicking on Clear Activity.  I opted to clear all.

Now for the second part. In your windows settings menu select the Privacy Menu.  Next select Location in the left column.  Now scroll until you see the Location history section and simply click the Clear button.

For the Microsoft Weather app that is included with windows go into the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon.  Under the General tab toggle Launch Location from or to Default Location and then back to Always detect my location.  In the grayed out box it should now display your actual location.  On a final note, if you get any prompts asking your to merge data – just click No.

Weather App

If you have any problems or comments please share them with me.