Hide files from Android Media Scanning

If you don’t want certain media files to show up in a media player, hide them!  You can tell that media player to not scan a folder by placing a file within it.

To prevent it from scanning the folder:

  1. Create a blank file and rename it “.nomedia“.
  2. Place the “.nomedia” file in the directory that you don’t want scanned.
  3. It’s as simple as that!

I was trying to stop voice recordings show up in Samsung Music Player app.  I created a folder inside of my downloads folder.  Next, I placed my “recording.amr” and “.nomedia” file in that folder.  This was the solution to prevent Samsung Music from scanning and displaying my “recording.amr” in my music list.

***You may have to use a different app to create and rename the blank file as the default My Files app on my S9+ would not allow the files to be renamed with a “.” at the front of the file name.  I personally had to use Microsoft Word to create the blank file and then use ASUS’s File manager app to rename the file.