Verizon How to Disable 5G

I recently switched from T-Mobile over to Verizon.  I replaced my old trusty Samsung Galaxy S9+ with the new Galaxy S20+ 5G.  I was immediately disappointed with the quality of 5G service.  None of my attempts to disable 5G seemed to work.  I eventually tried a different dialer app.  I ended up trying out Googles Phone App.  It didn’t seem to work with the normal *#CODE#* syntax that T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy phone used.  I ended up finding an article with some codes and the correct syntax, *#*#CODE#*#*.  Using this syntax I tried the regular 0011 code for basic information about my phone and voila! It worked!

In order to disable 5G on your handset you will need to download a different dialer app.  As mentioned previously I chose to use Google’s Phone app.  You can bring up basic information about your handset using the *#*#0011#*#* code.  This will bring up the ServiceMode menu.  It will tell you exactly what NR Band you are connected to.

  1. Open the Google Phone app
  2. Enter Code *#*#0011#*#* for ServiceMode Information Menu.  
  3. Find what NR band (5G) you are connected to.
  4. Select the three dots in the upper left of your screen and select END. 

  1. Back in the Google Phone app enter the code *#*#2263#*#*.
  2. You will now see a different ServiceMode Menu for wireless radio configuration. 
  3. Select option [6] NR5G Band Preferences (*)
  4. Unselect by tapping any NR Bands with the (*) at the end of the item. 
  5. Select option [9] Go Main
  6. Select option [9] — Apply band configuration. 
  7. You can close the menu by selecting the three dots in the upper right of your handsets screen and selecting END. 

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