OSMC setup for RPI

Open Source Media Center is based off of Raspbian and kodi. When properly configured it will intelegently organize all of your Movies and TV Shows. It can be configured to do so much more though. You can connect a USB thumb drive or hard drive for local media storage. You can also set up a NAS share as the media location.

First, you will need to visit www.osmc.tv. Go to the downloads page and select your current Operating System of the computer your currently using. Then your device typ and download the installer. You will need to have a MicroSD card ready for installation of OSMC. Alternatively you can use a program such as Etcher to install an image on the MicroSD card. Once you have OSMC installed on the card you are ready to pop it into your Raspberry Pi! So go ahead and do that and then plug the RPI into a TV or monitor. Connect the power cable and let OSMC perform it’s automatic self installation. Some user interaction is required for system configuration.

Now you are ready to add a media location. Select movies, files, and then add source. It will ask you the media type (Movie/TV Show/Etc). Once the media type is set it will ask you want database service you would like to use. Now after you wrap up this part, OSMC will scan all of your media. This will automatically download artwork for your media and related information.

That’s it! You are now ready to watch your media! Enjoy!